Throubleshooting - Star Citizen

This is a quick collection of the most annoying issues that I have had to resolve while using Star Citizen, starting from the installation and initial setup process and going on with the actual game play. For each issue I report the solution that I have eventually been able to find, frequently after days spent in reading documentation, browsing through forum threads and doing a lot of trial and error. I record this information just in case I need it in the future (e.g. when upgrading my hardware, switching to another PC etc.) and also because it might be of help for someone else experiencing the same problems.

Send me a message if you have found a solution to a problem that isn't listed below and want to share it on this page.

Launcher Won't Load - Missing d3dx11_43.dll (or similar)

One of the most frequent errors while trying to startup StarCitizen for the first time is a missing DLL file. This is almost always due to a missing or old DirectX version installed on the system. The old launcher used to force a webinstall of DirectX. The new launcher doesn't, so on clean windows installs where this has not been run the game won't launch.

The solution is upgrading DirectX to the latest version. We do not recommend trying to reinstall DirectX manually; instead, upgrade the currently installed version of DirectX via Windows Update. For additional information about the version of DirectX which ships with any Windows version, or for installing DirectX manually (if you really have to), please visit this page:

Game Crashes with BSOD

The game crashes with a Windows BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) after an apparently random amount of time. On other occasions, the game crashes without printing any message and the system restarts automatically. After a lot of search on the Internet and even more trial and error, I found that the cause of the problem was (you bet) in the Graphics Card. Monitoring the card during gameplay (e.g. with MSI Afterburner) showed that the temperature raised too much and this was at the root of system crashes.

A possible solution, if you don't want to buy a better (and more expensive) card, is to use the same MSI Afterburner monitoring software for adjusting the card parameters. For example, after setting the fan sped to 100% and lowering the memory / core clock frequency, I found that the temperatures started to be more stable, and this solved the problem completely in my case.

AC Experience is Choppy and Slow

Even with mid to high end hardware, the playing experience in the Arena Commander might not be what we expect. Most of the problems are due to the code being not optimized yet, but a lot can be done nonetheless for resolving this problem (or at least, for making it less annoying). A simple list of actions that we can try is:

  • double check your system hardware and make sure you fit the minimum requirements of 8GB RAM, quad core CPU and 1GB GPU.
  • make sure to upgrade to the latest version of your Graphics Card's drivers
  • disable full screen and set the resolution to something around 1600x900 or below (depending on your monitor)
  • if using Windows 10, upgrade to DirectX 12 or above
  • if using multiple NVIDIA graphics card, make sure to disable SLI (Scalable Link Interface). Having SLI enabled is a known issue with the current version of the AC
  • adjust the CryEngine settings to fit your specific needs. Some examples of User.cfg files are provided in another section of this guide.
  • if you have just installed a new graphics card, go into your new card's control panel to make sure SC is actually using it instead of the graphics card integrated into the motherboard. 

Ship Bounces Around as Soon as I Touch the Mouse

When playing with Mouse / Keyboard, a recurrent problem is to find the right balance of precision and sensitivity to suit our playing style. This is the procedure for adjusting the sensitivity settings in AC v.1.3.

  1. press ESC to bring the main menu up, the click Options
  2. click the "Control Options" tab and scrool down to the "Master Sensitivity" section
  3. reduce the sensitivity a bit and see how this change affects you playing experience
  4. once you have found a good balance, an additional option is to adjust the Sensitivity Curve. This is quite an advanced subject thought, I only recommend it when you have gained some experience with the different settings. You can check this page out for further details:

My Flying Experience is Still too Floaty

If adjusting the sensitivity settings doesn't make your flying experience smooth enough, a possible alternative solution could be to switch to Relative Mode:

  • Virtual Joystick mode is where the mouse aims the guns as well as turning the ship.
  • Relative mode is where the mouse only turns the ship, and the guns fire toward where the ship is facing.

Switching to Relative Mode is done by pressing Ctrl+C. If you switch to Relative Mode, then you should probably also increase the mouse sensitivity under the game option, while if you prefer to stay withVirtual Joystick Mode, then it is better to lower the mouse sensitivity in order to reduce the ship floatiness.